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Foam Inserts Have Arrived!

We are so very happy to announce that we are now able to supply foam inserts for our drawers and chests. 

We currently have 2 different gun foam inserts (one for a single gun and one for dual guns). There is also a drinks foam insert available however we are able to create a foam insert to fit any item you may wish to keep safe from Guns, Alcohol, Cameras, Laptops, in fact anything you can think of. Simply with a few details we can create an accurate foam insert to hold your items. 

We are also offering a wooden finisher for our inserts. This is a thin piece of wood that will be glued onto the top of your foam insert adding a stronger top layer which is also aesthetically pleasing.

A range of coloured foams will also be available to choose from in the near future. 

Another option for you to consider is we are able to attach leatherette or velcro straps to your foam inserts. Perfect for if you have guns laid in your inserts.

For more information please contact us. 

 Land Rover Defender Gun Drawer Insert Foam Land Rover Defender Drink Drawer Insert Foam
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